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About Me

Author, Yoni Steam Facilitator, Vibe setter, Painter, Travel Advisor, and Creative Consultant.

When you address me in my full energetic name Empress Aura Goddess Supreme you are acknowleging I carry the aura of an Empress, because that is what I embody and Iam steadily building an empire and teaching others to duplicate the process. You are also acknowledging The Most High is Above All when saying Goddess Supreme, because God IS Supreme, and I am only a vessel and a reflection of that. My mission is not only Empowerment, but assisting the divine femi9ne energy to tap back into themselves, to glow up, break generational curses, and live freely and confidently,

We can change and impact the Universe, but it all begins with the YOUniverse first. I hope these tools assist you on your journey!