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Without FIDAC, Everything is Wizzack!
What's FIDAC?! FIDAC Focus, Intentionality, Determination, Accountability, and ConsistencyIn life, you can have a million wonderfully, genius, and lucrative ideas, but without FIDAC, the ability to materialize those ideas into something tangible and ...
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Engagement Is Key!
5 Ways to Engage with Someone You Follow and Boost Monetization on Social 1. Leave Meaningful CommentsWhen you follow someone on social media, don't just be a passive observer. Engage by leaving thoughtful comments on their posts. Really read their c...
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Yes Uncle Sam!
Soft Life Society Co Is Available For Gov't Contracts!Remember yesterday's blog when I mentioned the pivot?Well, here's the pivot! We are working smarter, not harder!What is Sam.Gov?Well first, you may have heard it mentioned in a few places on the i...
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EXCITING NEWS!Soft Life Society Co. App!The Soft Life Society App is HEEEEERRREEEE!!!Super excited about it!Yes we have our private FB group, we also have our Soft Life subscriptions and now we have our app!So here's how it works...FB private group i...
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What's New?!
What's New Here In The Atmosphere?!Well if you've been here a while, right away you'll notice there's been some interior decorating. We switched up the layout a bit, got rid of some categories added some other categories such as D...
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CHARGE UP! Solar beings you are THE POWER!
CHARGE UP GODDESS!You are a CREATORMolded, sculpted, by THEE MOST HIGH CREATOR(S)You are the image of THE MOST HIGHPERSONIFIED!RISE UP!Awaken from your slumber!Solar beings with solar power YOU ARE!You give birth not only to gods and goddesses but NA...
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Divinely me, a site to shop for mind, body, spirit, tech and personal development needs


A place for mind, body, spirit elevation and personal development. I created this space to lend my expertise and share my gifts in those areas, because in my heart of hearts I feel most of humanity desires the same thing essentially. That thing is to be free. Free of worry, not having to stress about basic needs, money, health etc. The ability to do the things we love like live abundantly, be in optimal health, have peace of mind, feel great in our bodies, travel the world, our families not having to want for anything, rich circle of genuine friends, true happiness. So the things I create, and the services I offer are all to assist you in getting closer to those goals. The fact that you're here, I am grateful, each purchase made is sowing a seed into our growth and most importantly, an investment into YOU! May these resources add to your value and you leveling up! Subscribe to our newsletter so you stay in the loop!



The Soft Life Business Credit Guide
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The Soft Life Business Credit Guide is a comprehensive resource for entrepreneurs looking to navigate the world of business credit. Featuring essential tips and tools for financial success. The Soft Way. Work Smart. Live Soft!

26 pages

This doubles as a PLR. Please see our PLR page for more info!

You will get a PDF (17MB) file

About Me

Author, Yoni Steam Facilitator, Vibe setter, Painter, Travel Advisor, and Creative Consultant.

When you address me in my full energetic name Empress Aura Goddess Supreme you are acknowleging I carry the aura of an Empress, because that is what I embody and Iam steadily building an empire and teaching others to duplicate the process. You are also acknowledging The Most High is Above All when saying Goddess Supreme, because God IS Supreme, and I am only a vessel and a reflection of that. My mission is not only Empowerment, but assisting the divine femi9ne energy to tap back into themselves, to glow up, break generational curses, and live freely and confidently,

We can change and impact the Universe, but it all begins with the YOUniverse first. I hope these tools assist you on your journey!