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Your monthly mystery box is not your regular degular box. This box doesn't just cater to your material gratification, within it's contents are products and materials that cater to your personal development, financial habits, body and soul. Within each box every month you will get products and services that cater to your well-being on all levels. You will recieve a feedback form after your first order where simply completing a brief survey you can recieve a more personalized box for the following month.

Sustainable Support

You are a Divine Being. We believe Divine Beings deserve Divine ingredients, products and services. By joining this monthly subscription, you are getting a combo of sustainable, ethically sourced, premium products by women of color who all have different dreams, yet one goal: FREEDOM, and the ability to live full, abundant and purpose-filled lives. You literally are helping one creative at a time to actualize their goals, hopes and dreams.

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Every month you will get a beautiful monthly mystery box that includes products made with love and joy from Shop Divinely Me, Soft Life Society Co, Richualogy, De AlFemist, and other Women Of Color vendors. It is very important to us to create a space for other creatives and hobbyists that want to be sustainable. In order to be sustainable, creatives need two things, premium compensation and or frequency of volume. With each purchase and share, you contribute to helping each creator provide better for their family and move closer to activating and living their best Soft Life.