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Hear What Our Divine Tribe Has To Say!

Hear What Our Divine Tribe Has To Say!


Mari. T

I just wanted to say, thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing the information that you put on your platform. I find it very knowledgeable, and I reference it a lot. I may not go on the actual app, not app, the website, every day, but I find myself going on there, like, every couple of days, just to utilize certain things. I have also shared, not shared. I've also saved the, the grants, the list of the grants and whatnot that you have listed in there. I just want to say thank you, and I really appreciate all that you are doing for our community. Honestly, I see you as a role model and shoot... When I saw you post about getting your property today, your investment yo, I got so amped while I was in the gym, I'm like, oh my gosh, I am so proud of you. Um, I cannot wait to be part of the Vault group. I am going to be part of the Vault group once I get back from Antigua, um, right now, all my money is all tied to Antigua is gonna be two weeks, and that's gonna be expensive while being over there and having a little one too, But yes, once I get back, I'm getting into that well group because I wanna know the Tea! -I wanna know everything that's going on in there because i, really need to buckle down and make some investments prior to my birthday um and I am so excited that I am on this journey with you. I love the fact that we connected, and everything is just going great for both of us!

Mone't. J

Amazing Content Bundle! I love this content creator bundle! It has a great daily content schedule to follow that helps guide you on what to post and the best times to post T which is pretty amazing to know the best times to post your content. The Contant calendar is also a guide of when to go live went to post on Facebook or Instagram, etc. and what to post so this bundle served its purpose and so many ways great guide to follow. If you don’t have it make sure you grab one to help you start creating content to post, thank you for this amazing bundle that has been serving its purpose

Chad. P

Took the Canva Beast Masterclass and safe to say, I feel like a Beast in Canva. Already having a background in graphic design, photo shop and photography, taking this course just elevated my game to a whole other level. Within a month of learning how to customize the templates I have started a new revenue stream, editing social media bios, creating templates for IG pages, a tee shirt line at and Lookatmydigitals shop on Etsy selling digital art. so a one time investment is now paying off 4xs a return and the course was easy to follow along and Empress is so helpful if you have any questions, comments or concerns. I would highly recommend!