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Kinky Mistress Sensual Body Oil

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Kinky Mistress Premium Sensual Body oil is the best moisturizing body oil fragrance roll on you will ever experience. Euphoria and Nirvana In a bottle. Sure to assist in revelling in your goddesshood and intimate self anointing. Not to mention you will turn heads and have everyone who catches a whiff asking, "what are you wearing?" And have you wearing nothing after your partner inhales this essence. Can be partnered with your favorite Shea Butter. Roll on your skin prior to the Shea Butter. 

Best Anointed on your Goddess Zones:
  • 3rd eye (middle forehead between brows)
  • Behind ears
  • Mid neck, back neck
  • In between arms and elbows
  • Inner wrists
  • Btwn breasts
  • Around belly button
  • Btwn thighs
  • Below butt cuff
  • Knees and behind knees
  • Ankles
  • Toes

  • Base oils
  • Floral essences
  • Saudi Arabian essence
  • Rose Petals
  • Patchouli
  • Lemongrass

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Satisfied bee attracting honey with this o.

1 year ago


You know what you was doing when you did what you was doing with these! What you put in here?! I need to know! I had to look up Aphrodisiac!!! It does everything it is supposed to do ok that's all I'm going to say! We need bigger bottles! And I just ordered bag lady because if Kinky Mistress brought the boys to the yard. I know the bag lady must surely bring the bag to the lady! I never want to run out. Please offer bigger bottles soon!

Amanda T.

2 years ago

So nice I had to come back twice!

😮 OMG listennnnn ladies.... No seriously. This scent is absolutely amazing! I wish they came in bigger bottles, maybe somebody in the back office or customer service can relate that. Because this smells heavenly!!!! My man keeps sniffing me and coming over to give me his and kisses more than normal so I don't know what you did there but keep it up! I'll be back for more. Bigger bottles please!