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Sorrel is closely tied to Jamaica's cultural and culinary heritage. It is traditionally used as a staple of the country's Christmas celebrations, where it is boiled down to make a sweet syrup, known as sorrel sauce. The syrup is used to season a variety of dishes, including rice and peas, and is often accompanied by roast meat and other traditional Christmas fare.

Nowadays homemade Sorrel is sold in Latin stores, and west Indian herbal shops and restaurants. It can be drank as a cold refreshing drink or a hot tea.

Sorrel has also long been used in traditional Jamaican folk medicine, due to its believed health benefits. Its leaves are said to have both diuretic and cooling properties, and the boiled-down stems are believed to be beneficial for stomach pains.

Here are 4 benefits of sorrel:

1. Sorrel is high in several essential nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and zinc.

2. Sorrel can help improve digestive health due to its high fiber content.

3. Sorrel has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to reduce inflammation in the body.

4. Sorrel has antioxidant properties, which can help protect the body from free radicals that can lead to cell damage in the body.

To prepare as a hot tea:

Take a table spoon or 1/2 a palm size of sorrell

Bring water and sorrel to a boil

When complete poor into a cup

Lemon and/or raw honey can be added for sweetness

For cold drink simply allow sorrel to cool and then refrigerate or freeze

Can be added to Ice tray or popsicle molds for Sorrel ice cubes and popsicles.

Sorrel is not meant to be drank daily. 2xs out the week shall suffice

As my Jamaican grandmother used to say

" De same ting whey sweeten you... Will sour you"

Sorrel is one of those things off drank in excess.

These bags, if drank add directed can last you 2-3 months.

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