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4 Reasons You Know It's Time To Pivot and 4 Ways To Do So In Business And Relationships
Recognizing when it's time to pivot in business or relationships is crucial for growth and fulfillment. Here are four signs that indicate it's time to consider a change:1. Emotional Attachments: As business owners, we often become emotionally attache...
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5 Ways I Am Practicing Consistency
One of my most challenging feats in life is mastering the art of consistency. Although I am getting better at it, it is still a challenge daily. Today I will share 5 things that are helping me with my consistency, and I hope if you institute some or ...
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I'm Having Some More BABIES!!!
There's Nothing Like Giving Birth To New Ideas And Watching Them Hit A Milestone!Listen ya'll, there are some people who know me in real life, some people who have just met my acquaintance, and some people who have been following me on social media f...
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Soft Life Unity
šŸ‘‰šŸ¾ A group that works together WINS BIG together!ā˜€ļøI find up north where Iā€™m from specifically Boston, women have a hard time sticking together and building and supporting. I've heard the "crabs in the barrel " term but I know alot of genuine women o...
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Post Solar Return Earth Day Vibes! Working... (In the nude)
Hey Guys! It's the day after my b/earth day,What did I do for my day? Worked, enjoyed nature as it was in the 70's yestrday, went for a nature walk, drank some water, had a smoothie, and some salad and some thai coconut curry soup and chilled.It is n...
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