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Gud JuJu Energetic Clearing Wata

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With ingredients highly regarded and utilized heavily in the African, West Indian (Caribbean) and Latin communities, Gud Juju is a spiritually, and energetically enhanced cleansing water. Blue is the color of the indigo children, the color of consciousness, intuition and peace. Camphor is a Deep energetic spiritual cleanser and Cascarilla is very powerful not only for cleansing and driving out negative entities, but for pulling in good energy and light beings.


Intentions, Distilled Water, Blue Anil, Camphor, Cascarilla, Rose & Florida Water, Rosemary Sprigs & essential oils. A powerful blend to remove negative & stagnant energies out of your environment & replace them with positive, light energies.


Gud JuJu can be used around the body, around the home, walls, doorknobs,bed linens, kitchen,  office, living room, car, furniture etc. Keep away from the eyes and children

Open windows while cleaning using Gud Juju.

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