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What's New?!

What's New Here In The Atmosphere?!

Well if you've been here a while, right away you'll notice there's been some interior decorating. We switched up the layout a bit, got rid of some categories added some other categories such as Divine Wellness. Divine Wellness will be dealing with wholistic wellness products and services including but not limited to loose herbs for various uses, spiritually and physically, like drinkable teas, steams and manifesting.

Also we have done away with the physical books option because we now have the book website up.

We are also still offering The Dopest Version Of Me Period Course superrr superrr discounted $49.99 which will be going back to it's original price of $999 on January 1st. So please hop in ASAP if you're interested. We are working on wrapping up The Dopest Version Of Me...Period workbook for those who want it as a companion to the course or may just want it to supplement the course with the exception of the actual course having video prompts and video exercises that will not be available in the workbook.

We have also added the Canva Beast Masterclass Course for those who really want to learn how to utilize templates yourselves and start monetizing and capitalizing.

Holiday Giveaway

We are running a $250 holiday giveaway! The details are here.


We are still running the affiliate program. The link is on the banner of the website. Please remember, if you do not share your affiliate links you cannot be compensated, and any non-active affiliates will be removed after 6 months of no activity. Affiliate percentages can range anywhere from 15-50% What does that mean?

for example... The Dopest Version Of Me Period Course reverts back to $1,000 on Jan 1, 2023...if you gt 50% off every course referral you make $500 each referral that joins the course at full price (not split pay) So let's say you refer 4 people, that's $2,000 in referrals for you.


Check your emails for the approval and when the products are added you can share the products of your choice right from the website. Below each product is a share button but use your affiliate links so it can be tracked! Also on the checkout page if your friend knows your name there is a question that asks who referred them to the site because we want to reward those who care enough to share. If they add your name, social media, or email, we will bless you for your kindness.

In the meantime, in between time...Happy Thanksgiving! I love Coach Stormy, but in her words..."low vibrational plates" will be happening next week okay! Just a little bit!