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Goddess Glow: A Soft Life Journal

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The Goddess Glow Journal features delicate roses and accents—the color of love, compassion, and illumination. It's not just a journal; it's an accessory for your soul.

By choosing the Goddess Glow Journal, you contribute to a greater purpose. Our mission is for women to work Smart and live Soft so all proceeds go towards securing land and building up the Soft House Compound. We believe in community, and together, we will protect natural habitats, combat climate change, and empower generations to come.

Claim Your Goddess Glow! Whether you're a seasoned journaler or a curious seeker, this journal invites you to dance with your inner goddess. Let your pen glide across its pages, leaving trails of stardust. Illuminate your path, for you are a luminous being—a goddess in bloom.

🌟 *Buy Now* and step into your divine radiance! 🌙✨

Note: The Goddess Glow Journal is not just a product; it's an invitation to embrace your true brilliance. 🌟

P.S once you purchase you'll be invited to join a Community Connection: Share snippets of your journey with fellow goddesses. Use the Goddess Glow Journal as a bridge to connect, inspire, and uplift one another. Imagine a global sisterhood, each holding her own journal, weaving a tapestry of collective empowerment.

  • What's included in your bundle:

  • A physical copy of The Goddess Glow Soft Life Journal (spiral bound)
  • 1-2 free mystery gifts: could be in the form of waistbeads, sage, incense, crystals, crystal jewelry, a cool product, stickers, a bookmark, body oil etc
  • BONUS: Free Goddess Activation Sensual Healing Meditation Audio (for relaxation and visualization mindfulness practice) This guided meditation is perfect for listening whole writing in your Goddess Glow journal, performing breathwork and yoga. Even listening while working on projects. The audio takes you on a journey through a tropical rainforest of self discovery. It allows you to be centered and work on conscious breathing and imagination.

May you find this helpful on your Soft Life Journey

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